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  1. Rebecca says:

    Dear Georgia,

    I am having some problems finding the right words to let you know how I feel about your website. The most important thing is how much and how many feelings I experienced while reading about your experience. I felt so sad at times, so angry, and then so sad again. At the end I felt inspired and hopeful.
    Georgia, I hope every young person reads this and appreciates what you have been through and how it has effected you. Your understanding of chronic pain just blows my mind. What really blows my mind is how you came through it, have grown your way through it and come out a very wise person.
    Georgia, I have known since you were a very little person, that you had something… intelligence, talent, gifts that not every human has. I have a lot more I want to say but I am pretty tired. There will be more later.
    For now….what you have done, your art and your words are simply WONDERFUL.
    Thank you for creating this.

    Love, Rebecca

  2. Jerry says:


    Great job! What a journey you describe so eloquently. I too hope that it may help other kids that suffer from this type of issue. I suspect you will get some interesting comments.


  3. Charles Shapiro says:

    Dear Georgia,

    I’m so happy to hear that you are recovered and so proud of the work you have done getting yourself back together. Your site is great and opening yourself up to others is such a beautiful thing. I haven’t read all of it but what I have read is incredible as is your art work. You are so sweet.


  4. Abe says:

    Dear Georgia:

    What can I say little one, I don’t know many adults, artist or any professional that could have written a more profound and an in depth work on such level. The admiration is beyond any compliments I can bestow on you or express. God has a mysterious way of blessing special people, and now he sought you out. I’m certain that you’ll catapult into international success, and we are here to watch in your take-off.


    Love, Abe

  5. Terri says:

    I was intrigued when I looked through all of the pages on your website.

    I can remember times when either I or other members of my family were dealing with chronic pain. I recall feeling lost and helpless to move things forward.

    You have done something remarkable in providing a link to a ‘real person’ with ‘real experience, insight, honesty, and empathy.’ Even now, when things have gotten better for me and my family, your clear, gentle comments give me hope and happiness. I especially like to think that I can gain something from even bad experiences – your comments on looking backward really give me insights in how I can move forward.

    I really like art – sometimes it tells us things words can not adequately express. I also like that you included writing and your art – there is a very cool thing that happens – combined they become even more powerful.

    Thank you for the help and hope you’ve provided me by creating your website.

  6. Andy says:

    I was moved to tears…

    Keep making art.

    When everything else fails you, it will be your savior.

    I speak from experience.


  7. Briana London says:

    I was very moved by your writings and your art.
    Mostly, I am in awe of your strength and so proud of your recovery.
    This site is amazing and I’m sure will prove to be very helpful for all
    young people experiencing chronic pain.

    Love, Briana

  8. Jordan says:

    Sometimes you hear it when the night time comes creeping and you fear it might catch you sleeping and you jump from your bed from your last chapter of dreaming, and you can’t remember from the best of your thinking if that was you in the dream that was screaming but you know that it’s something special you’re needing. You found it. You opened yourself up to everyone who needs help and guidance. You’re helping people out of the dark by letting them know they’re not alone. You’re not alone.

  9. Charlie Sitzer says:

    Dear Georgia,
    Your website is truly impressive for the fact that you brought your own fears to light for teens and all age groups to model. And you did a service for everyone in need of help from a patients viewpoint. This condition is remarkably well researched and empathetically conveyed through your motivating words and insights. You’re quite a person Georgia.

    Love, Charlie

  10. Chris Slate says:

    Hey Georgia,

    I went to your website, and I had to take a few minutes to respond.

    Really, it gave me chills down my spine. I know that might sound corny, but it’s true! — literally.

    What can I say? I’m so proud of you? — not good enough.

    I think the site is awesome? — not good enough.

    I am honored to be a part of your healing and recovery? — nah, not good enough.

    So, let’s see, what can I say? How about all of the above,

    plus …

    You are such an inspiration, and so courageous, and so talented, and intelligent, and … well …

    Obviously a force to be reckoned with.

    I just want to send my love and encouragement to KEEP GOING strong with whatever your heart guides you towards.

    The world certainly needs more wonderful, motivated young people like you to make their imprint and help others in need.

    There’s that old, and now horribly unoriginal saying, “You go Girl!” Well, it was so overused at one point, that for me, it lost it’s meaning, and I actually grew to dislike it. So, I won’t say that — because you deserve your own statement of encouragement. How about:

    Georgia, get out there and KICK SOME BUTT!!!

    My best to you and your family, and say hi to your mom and dad.


  11. Emma Rosenblatt says:

    Wow, I am in awe. This website is truly beautiful! I am so proud of you. For you to bring all your struggles to the surface and share it with us is amazing. You are the change people are looking for- helping those that are struggling and are in your old shoes.

    Impressive work~
    Love Always,
    Emma :)

  12. Beth Sternlieb says:

    Hi Georgia,

    I just returned home from a retreat in Nothern CA. and am seeing your amazing website for the first time. I am really moved beyond words by your beautiful, deep, expressive, honest, generous, insightful work. I feel very honored to know you and your family…

    Really Georgia you are a very special person.


  13. Juan says:

    Georgia, this really moved me. It brought me to tears, literally. I cannot believe that a girl like you,after having met you know and known for quite a while, would have gone through this. I can just say that you were really strong and what you’re doing now by helping others is great. Words cannot describe how proud I am of all that you do for others. Keep up the good work!

  14. tyler says:

    You seem like an amazing person! The struggles that you went through and the way you were able to recover and fight back is fantastic. You are a great artist and no matter what happens keep doing that because you never know where that will take you. You are an inspiration to all of us and I’m glad I saw this page:)


  15. Reese Abbene-Ingino says:

    Dear Georgia,

    You are a beacon of hope and light. Your story and commitment to turn your struggle into an experience that gives others healing strength is truly inspirational. I am praying for you.


    =)Ms. Abbene-Ingino

  16. Ciara says:


    You have helped me through so much! I just really want to take the time to thank you! Words will never be able to express my gratitude towards you. Thank you for always being there and cheering me up! I have been referring all of my friends and family to this website to see the work that one of my heros has done. I hope you are successfull with everything. I will never forget what you have done for me. <3

    Much love and best wishes,
    Ciara G.

  17. Judy Nelson says:


    I just found quiet, uninterrupted time to listen to your radio interview. Wow! You are so poised, persuasive and knowledgeable. I am so proud of your work. It is a rare person who can turn adversity into a gift for others.

    Kudos to your parents who did not give up!!

  18. seemural says:

    My daughter will be 15 next Tuesday. She has told us about her pain since she was 3 and able to talk to us and express herself. Over the course of 12 years and many drs, tests, etc- she has been diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and later Fabry disease. Both are incurable and can cause pain. EDS 3 is characterized with hypermobile joints, smooth, stretchy skin, and causes complications in every organ, joint, body part. Fabry disease is missing an enzyme which allows for a buildup of GL3, a lipid. Depending on where the lipid accumulates, it will cause organ failure. Her health has declined and she has also been on many medications. Currently her cervical spine is affected, along w/ the lifetime pain in her legs. In addition to her other diagnoses of asthma, juvenile fibromyalgia, she also has Postural Orthostatic Tachycardic Syndrome. This means her blood pressure does not adjust right and she comes very close to passing out if she moves like a normal person would in standing, sitting up, etc. 2 months ago, she was diagnosed w/ platybasia which is a malformation of her skull, and it is causing a kink in her brain stem. She was already waiting to be scheduled for jaw malformation surgery, and repair of torn cartilage in one hip, but she had to recover from a broken leg. And now with the platybasia, she is going to see a neurosurgeon to see if it would be appropriate for them to remove a portion of her skull to ‘decompress’ her brain. She too has missed many days of school, is being partly homeschooled, and has had to give up her dreams of volleyball, basketball, and swimming for her school. She has a pain clinic, but they say they are running out of options. 2 weeks ago, a FB friend researched her conditions and has recommended natural supplements. With them, We are starting to see small tiny bits of time where she can laugh, where she can make it thru 5 hrs of school…we have all shed many tears for her, and she has too. I am a licensed massage therapist and have tried every therapy possible for her. Chronic pain from incurable diseases is an indescribable way to live. I am glad that you are able to get your life back, and that you are sharing your story to help other kids. I will try to get her to take up art. We haven’t tried that yet. Tell you parents I am pleased to hear that they too, never gave up. Someone asked me when I would ever just accept that this is the way it is going to be the way it is for her? My response: When I am dead. I have a feeling your parents are the same way. We will do what it takes, no matter how long it takes, to find some relief for our children. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  19. Sandra says:

    Your site moved me to tears and joy. I came to the site because my 14-year-old great-great niece has been in bed with back pain since April, 2011. Your journey sounds like the journey of Emalee and our family. About 6 weeks ago she saw a doctor who seemed to understand and care and has guided her in a good direction–a pain clinic. As a clinical social worker, I think your site will be of great help to Emalee
    and her parents. Thank you for sharing your journey. Blessings!

  20. Lynnette says:

    Thank you! My 17 yr old daughter has chronic abdominal pain and after her last hospitalization the GI doctor recommended the UCLA Pediatric Pain Program. Well I called and was told there was a 2-3 month wait – Yikes! But thanks to prayers and the support of our doctors she got in much quicker. It is already making a difference for us all. Having doctors that believe in you and your condition is HUGE! My daughter missed most of her senior year of high school – lots of great activities she didn’t get to participate in, but we are looking ahead and she is registered for college courses.

    Thank you again for helping those in pain and educating the public about this issue. Those who suffer from chronic pain often don’t look ‘sick’, so they are doubted and called ‘fakes’. Hard to take in any situation, but especially hard when you are hurting so badly.

    Love that you can express yourself with art – keep it up!!

  21. Jennifer Ramlo, Ph.D says:

    I found your website today while doing research for a friend. First, I am so happy you are feeling better! Second, your website is amazing! You have done a beautiful job putting together a site that contains not only helpful information for others but also invites one to know your personal story. Your work is incredibly impressive and a gift to all. I have sent your website on to others and it has proven to be extremely helpful! You have given so many others hope. Thank you for your generosity.
    I am very happy for you and hope life continues to be good. I miss you and your sister and of course your mom and dad. Say hello to everyone and keep up the awesome work!
    Jennifer Ramlo, Ph.D

  22. Mary says:

    I have been stumbling around on the internet for a while now. I am always trying to figure out why I have so much chronic pain in my feet for what is it, 4 years now? I have researched so many diagnosis, so much anatomy of feet, so many possibly cures, and yet I have found nothing that works or even makes a dent. That is when I stumbled upon your website and I relate to pretty much everything here. It is so true. Some doctors have believed me, but others clearly don’t (even saying it to my face that they don’t believe me). I have often thought that I am crazy, or just a self centered jerk who wants the attention from people. I hate the way I look while stumbling along with two clunky medical boots (which by the way feel like I am carrying bricks on my feet.) I love your artwork because it has so raw in emotion. I know that you have inspired so many people (you have definitely inspired me) to get up after so many years of pain have pushed us down. Thank you so much for that. Oh, and thank you for your realistic approach with dealing with pain. Just thank you so much :) I will be trying your ideas, your approaches to this, and your constant finding for a cure, or at least some help.

  23. Sarah Buchan says:

    Im a fifteen year old girl from the Uk. I have been dealing with similar problems and have been finally diagnosed after 9 months of waiting for doctors to come up with something. My passion is swimming and i compete at national Level i love that we have similar love for sports, but unfortunatly my dream and life came to a hault in november 2014. I’m so glad my mum has showed me your story, ive connected with it, and maybe understand you more because im going through the same thing.I’m so happy to know that you found help and that you were able to keep going. I too had an injury that i thought had healed but my body and mind hadn’t registered it yet(what the doctors call chronic pain). My back has kept me from going into school. Ive been away from my friends for months, but still many of them kept in touch, some even came to see me who were closest to me. i’ve been in hospital, had X-rays with indications and red lights flashing that there was something there. But then the doctors were taken a back when nothing really showed up, except i had a unusaly large space between one of my lower back vertibraes. for months i’d tryed many different medications, even went onto steriods like you but only for three days, the doctors didnt know what to do with me. i had all these different problems rising up, strained feet(felt like walking on stones, making me walk less) , i have these horrible headaches still from stress and from concentration at school. its been the lowest point i’ve ever been, i cryed non-stop because i thought i wouldn’t be able to swim again, and that broke my heart. i’ve never been good at writing diarys, but i thought it was a great way of releaseing my emotions from the day and keeping them from boling up and keeping me awake at night( this on top of the pain i get through the night = no sleep at all) i’ve now got help of physiotherapy,counciling, massage therapy(from a local massage person that is amazing, giving me feeling weightless at the end) and im going to try acuptunture soon, im glad that my life is on the right track now, and that im getting help. it’s been tough on my family, watching me break down all the time it tore them up. its been an enlightening experiance to see how much my parents and extended family love me and care about me and that we have to cherrish life while its good and not take it for graunted. i hope more people find this story who are like me and you, it definatly has brightened up my future and my hopes to get back to my sport and get back to myself. your inspirational and i thank you for sharing your story as its helped me so much.

  24. Coco says:

    Hey this was pretty helpful. I’ve been struggling with lots of knee pain and leg pain for the past two years and the am I crazy thing was spot on. I’m still working through getting help and doctors and things but tonight was a low so finding this and reading it helped. thanks -coco

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